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Here at MMC we have the latest laser for fine hair removal. In some cases laser hair removal cannot target certain hair due to the fact that they are too light or the hair is to fine to be treated. Fine hair is very difficult to get rid off. With traditional lasers the thicker and darker the hair the better the results will be. For this type of fine hair we use the latest medical technology called Q-Switched. The Q-switch laser offers the ultimate solution to the fine hairs that cannot be easily removed. It bleaches the hair thus making it invisible without any risk of hair growth stimulation. This laser treats any type of skin: white, dark and tanned.

How it works ?

It target the melanin of fine hair shaft and bleaching it thus making it invisible and it will fall after 10-15 days without any risk of hair growth stimulation.After 6-8 weeks the fine hair will reappear but with the same texture and quality. Some of our patients got a noticeable reduction in hair after a few sessions, but we cannot guarantee that for all patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How many sessions will I need and what is the interval between the sessions?

Depending on patient need a minimum of 8-12 sessions, some patients may require more sessions, with 4-6 weeks interval between the sessions.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment is superficial and not painful. Patients report a slight tingling sensation- however, a topical anesthetic usually applied if requested.

Are there any special recommendation after the treatment?

We advise antibiotic cream on the treated area twice daily for two days. And protect the treated areas from sun exposure by applying sunscreen.


Here are some cases of our happy patients

The staff are highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional and super friendly. I am now completely free from my old tattoo and the area is very clear as if i did not make tattoo before. I wouldn’t trust anywhere else.


                                                                                                             Happy with the service and the results! I have found the staff very knowledgeable of all treatments and products.


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To date, we have successfully completed over 3000 Laser and electrolysis treatment, with our expert therapist with their +7 years experience

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when it comes to your comfortable you shouldn’t take shortcuts. We believe in investing our money back into the practice to offer our patients the most advanced permanent hair removal technology on the market.

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