(English) Dermatology

(English) Dermatology


The skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body. As such, any disease that affects the skin can affect the physical appearance, and consequently, the confidence and self-esteem of a person. For individuals who are suffering from any kind of skin condition, Marina Medical Centre offers the expert services of the best dermatologist in Dubai Marina.

We offer expert Dubai Marina dermatology services

One of the medical services Marina Medical Centre is known for delivering exceptionally is dermatology. Our roster of Marina dermatology doctors is extremely qualified and experienced in dealing with a variety of skin conditions and diseases.

They make sure to carefully examine the skin of a patient to determine the condition and recommend only the appropriate tests and the most effective medication. Together with their respective staff, our dermatologists will ensure your skin condition is treated and cured at the soonest possible time and any further aggravation is duly prevented.

Our Marina dermatology clinic also specialises in providing excellent cosmetic dermatology solutions, including but not limited to Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Fillers. Our range of cosmetic solutions aim to help our patients enhance their look, restore or maintain their youthful appearance, and feel good about themselves.

The healthcare service Dubai residents deserve

The kind of best dermatologist service you can experience at the MMC includes absolute patient confidentiality and privacy. Our doctors specialising in Marina dermatology value the trust patients put in their hands. For this reason, any of our MMC dermatologist is sure to do their best to ensure your privacy and confidential information is protected at all times. For the kind of dermatologist services that can cure various skin conditions while protecting the emotional well-being of a patient, visit the clinic of MMC.

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